Brian Scott Fritz

Perhaps you know the feeling.  We may have reached our professional peak and yet there is this subtle, nagging sense that something is missing.  We've done well in life and acquired all the material comforts and academic degrees and the right relationships and still underneath it all something feels really wrong.  Or perhaps it's on the other end of the spectrum in which our life seems to be collapsing and we may have lost our job/career, our primary significant relationships are falling apart and nothing seems to be working out for us.

Welcome to the gap!

I generally work with people in this life gap who are in the process of forming a new, deeper relationship with themselves that tends to birth unique and deeply original ways of being, living, forms of knowledge, and processes of transformation.

Throughout our lives we are continually going into and coming out of these transformational life gaps. 

There are gaps in our relationships, both between relationships and within relationships. There are gaps in our jobs and our careers. There are gaps between who we are now and who we want to be in the future. And, ultimately, there is a gap between who we think ourselves to be and who we really are.

These gaps occur naturally in our lives as a consequence of the tendency of Life to give us broader, more comprehensive levels of experience, knowledge and joy. I call this universal tendency Life Shift—the inherent, natural, evolutionary tendency for Life to Shift us toward more expanded levels of living.  Life inherently wants us to play a much bigger game than we usual play and it is always pushing us to do so, both individually and collectively.

Because of the way that we have been educated, most of us fail to recognize these gaps, let alone take advantage of the great intelligence, power and opportunity these life gaps present for profound personal transformation.

By utilizing  Truth Coaching and Gap Technology, we can make the best use of gap time, and have the opportunity to allow this intelligence and power to shift us to the next  level of our personal evolution, which reflects in all areas of our lives. This is inherently a greater level of knowledge, insight, life wisdom and personal greatness.

Call me today for a complimentary assessment and truth coaching session to explore the power of the gap.

—Brian Fritz, Truth Coach